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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Welcome to My Blog!


Hello there, my name is Gina and I have always been obsessed with coloring my hair! For the past few months, though, my hair has really started showing how damaged it is. My hair has been bleached a numerous amount of times and it's time for me to get it back to health. My posts will be all about the different oils I use for my hair (there are a lot!), how I use henna in my hair, and also information about various ingredients that you might be wondering about (silicones, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, and the like.) It's been said that using certain oils and treating your hair a certain way will help it grow faster. Let's see if that's really the case! I hope you find my blog helpful and are having a fantastic hair day!

One of my favorite oils for both skin and hair!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Silicones: Good or Bad?

What are silicones?

Silicones provides slip to hair so it doesn’t tangle and gives a shiny appearance to the hair. Silicones work by covering the hair shaft in a thin hydrophobic layer, hydrophobic meaning water proof. This helps reduce the hair’s porosity which lowers the chances of your hair being affected by humidity. It also reduces moisture loss from inside of the hair. The outside hair shaft is also conditioned and lubricated to help make it tangle free. All of these things make silicones good for smoothing and conditioning the hair, so why is it bad?

The only real downside to silicones is when you have buildup. If you are using a lot of products that contain high amounts of silicone when your hair doesn’t need it this could easily happen to you. Too much silicone can weigh hair down and make it feel grimy. So how do you deal? Well simply wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo! If you have a lot of buildup you may need to wash twice but this should give your hair a clean slate. Then of course condition with a light conditioner that won’t weigh hair down. Have you ever heard of people saying they need to switch up their hair care routine or else their hair gets too used to it and doesn’t look as good? Well what is probably happening is they are getting a buildup in their hair from silicones! Silicones aren’t necessarily bad but there can easily be too much of a good thing.

For me personally, I have been switching on and off on a bunch of different hair products. For moisture I love using Matrix Sleek Lisse shampoo and conditioner. It gives me shine and softness to my damaged hair without giving me a greasy look. Every once in a while I will co-wash. This is when you wash your hair with conditioner (I’ll be making a separate post about co-washing soon!) When I do this I actually use my own homemade conditioner without silicones. The recipe I use can be found here! It really does work and I love how I know exactly whats going into my conditioner since I made it myself! I like to switch out the almond oil for meadowfoam seed oil, just for my own personal preference. For clarifying I like using Paul Mitchell's Shampoo 2!

Hope you are all having a happy hair day! :)

Hair Update!

Hi Guys, it's been a while since I've posted! I have been busy with work but would like to come back to blogging again about healthy hair! Right now I do have bleach and dye in my hair but have not used bleach in quite awhile. I am letting my hair grow and going to get back into my old routine of frequent oilings and scalp health. Right now my hair is about shoulder length! I'll post a picture for reference and compare every month to see what progress I've made. I hope some of you find this helpful while trying to grow your own hair as well! I would also love to see others progress so feel free to share!

My hair length currently! It's a little over 11 inches long!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hair Oil Recipe!

Hey everybody! I am finally sharing the recipe of my personal hair growth treatment! For my treatment I mix:

-Table spoon of coconut oil
-Table spoon of camellia oil
-Table spoon of castor oil
-Teaspoon of jojoba oil
-Teaspoon of rosemary oil
-Teaspoon of red pimento oil

After mixing these up I rub the treatment into my scalp and run the rest through my hair! I usually do my treatment before I go to bed to really reap all the benefits! To remove all the oil in the morning I first use conditioner and then I shampoo. I then condition a second time. Conditioner helps break up the oils so it is easier to wash out. This is only one of my recipes, I will share more in the future! I hope some of you find this helpful! Happy hair days!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Miconazole Nitrate for Hair Growth?!?!

What is miconazole nitrate exactly? Miconazole is an anti-fungal agent commonly found in products for yeast infections, jock itch, ring worm, and even athletes foot. For awhile now, though, it's been getting a lot of notice for women using it on their scalp to help increase hair growth! Usually the ointment is taken and diluted in either water or an oil and then applied to the scalp just like a regular hair treatment.
The reasons for why this may work as a hair growth aid are uncertain. Some say miconazole relaxes the capillaries in the scalp which helps increase blood flow. Others say it's because it helps clear any scalp infections that may be present. Even with these theories, the real reason is still uncertain!
I personally used this method but for only a week. I stopped after reading about the side effects that could occur if using miconazole in this fashion:

-Peeling of the skin
-Not feeling "right"

Although there are many side effects, many women have claimed to have their hair growth increase inches a month! I plan on picking up this method again soon and I will be sharing before and after pictures of my experience. If you plan on using this method, be careful and be watchful of any side effects!

Happy Hair Days! :)

Heat and Hair Growth

Have you ever wondered why our hair grows faster in the Summer? It's because of the heat! Heat promotes circulation which in turn helps promote hair growth!
Some ways I like to use heat to aid in hair growth includes:
-Wearing hats when outside during cold weather
-Covering my hair in a bandana or a scarf during my oil treatments. Not only will this keep heat in it will also keep the treatment from touching your clothes or your sheets!
-Using warm water when shampooing and conditioning. Although cold water helps with making hair shiny!
-Scalp massages! Not only will the pressure from the massage help with hair growth, so will the warmth from your hands!

One way NOT to use heat to aid in hair growth is through hot tools! Hot tools and blow dryers should not be touching your scalp since you can burn yourself. Also, excessive use of heat tools will end up damaging hair even further!

I hope this was insightful! Happy hair days! :)

Henna AKA Lawsonia Inermis

Henna, also known as Lawsonia Inermis, is a leafy plant that has a orange-red dye molecule, lawsone. If a company is claiming that you can dye your hair different colors with their henna it is NOT henna! True Henna will only dye hair and skin orange-red! What these companies are really selling are usually metallic dyes which are actually bad for the hair! If you use regular hair dye over these your hair could suffer sever damage! So try to stay away from these fake henna hair dyes:)
So what's so great about henna? Well for starters it's a natural dye so it won't damage the hair! Henna also penetrates the hair shaft, strengthens it, smooths the cuticle, thickens the hair, and makes your hair more resistant to breakage!
Henna can be messy to mix so I always put down old newspapers on my bathroom floor before mixing and applying. I personally buy my henna from!
To learn how to mix and apply henna, check out this video from one of my favorite Youtubers:


I hope this helped some of you out, happy hair days! :)

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