Vitamins For Hair Growth

As we’ve mentioned before, our hair tells a lot about who we are. Shiny, bouncy hair is sure to be an eye-catcher, and reflects a personality of someone who takes care of their body. Healthy hair also tends to portray an aura of emotional happiness, in contrast, flat, dry hair shows lack of self esteem and portrays an attitude of carelessness.

Your hair only grows at about 1 cm per month. That’s 1 inch every two-and-a-half months. This means that by the time you have a full head of long, beautiful hair, the ends of some of those strands may be over 2 years old!

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In order to keep this long hair beautiful, you need to focus on the care of your hair more than vitamins for shiny hair. Choosing a high-quality conditioner is important to help protect the strands of hair. Also, allowing the hair to air dry and avoiding blow-driers and straighteners can help protect the hair from super-damaging heat. Finally, the chemicals used in dyes, perms and relaxers are the ultimate enemy for shiny hair. They unravel the bonds of hair, destroying its natural bounce and shine to create their fake looks. Instead, you can use Henna dyes which actually help condition the hair and give it more shine.

Vitamins for thicker hair rely on the list of primary vitamins for hair growth. By ensuring that your hair can grow easily and happily, you allow your hair to take advantage of all of the natural bounce it can. There are hundreds of vitamins for hair growth that are suggested, but most of these will be realized just by taking a daily multivitamin. However, here are a few, key vitamins for thicker hair.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A works to create sebaceous glads that function properly. Properly working sebum help reduce the amount of oily hair you have, plus they also help automatically clear the scalp of dirty pores, bacterial activity, and clogged follicles that can interfere with hair growth. It’s a minor player, but is key for producing a healthy scalp. Incidentally, Vitamin A also helps reduce acne!


Biotin, or B7 is the “big mama” when it comes to a vitamin for thicker hair. Biotin works directly on the protein syntheses process to help the hair grow faster and stronger. While many vitamins suggested for hair growth only help the scalp (which is necessary), Biotin is the vitamin that truly helps grow longer hair.


MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane is a sulfur supplement that can help the hair create better sulfur bridges. It is also purported to keep hair in the growth phase longer, allowing your hair to grow longer before it dies. There is some debate as to the scientific evidence of these claims, however there seems to be enough anecdotal evidence from people who have tried MSM to know that it is a good vitamin for hair thicker hair.

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These three vitamins are the most important vitamins for thicker hair. If you are dealing with thinning hair, don’t forget to check out our in-depth analysis of Vitamins For Hair Loss, and read our section on how stress can especially cause hair loss, as well as which vitamins can help end hair loss.

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