Healthy Hair Habits: Heat and Hair Growth

Have you ever wondered why our hair grows faster in the Summer? It’s because of the heat! Heat promotes circulation which in turn helps promote hair growth!
Some ways I like to use heat to aid in hair growth includes:
-Wearing hats when outside during cold weather
-Covering my hair in a bandana or a scarf during my oil treatments. Not only will this keep heat in it will also keep the treatment from touching your clothes or your sheets!
-Using warm water when shampooing and conditioning. Although cold water helps with making hair shiny!
-Scalp massages! Not only will the pressure from the massage help with hair growth, so will the warmth from your hands!

One way NOT to use heat to aid in hair growth is through hot tools! Hot tools and blow dryers should not be touching your scalp since you can burn yourself. Also, excessive use of heat tools will end up damaging hair even further!

I hope this was insightful! Happy hair days! 🙂

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