Healthy Hair Habits: Miconazole Nitrate for Hair Growth?!?!

What is miconazole nitrate exactly? Miconazole is an anti-fungal agent commonly found in products for yeast infections, jock itch, ring worm, and even athletes foot. For awhile now, though, it’s been getting a lot of notice for women using it on their scalp to help increase hair growth! Usually the ointment is taken and diluted in either water or an oil and then applied to the scalp just like a regular hair treatment.
The reasons for why this may work as a hair growth aid are uncertain. Some say miconazole relaxes the capillaries in the scalp which helps increase blood flow. Others say it’s because it helps clear any scalp infections that may be present. Even with these theories, the real reason is still uncertain!
I personally used this method but for only a week. I stopped after reading about the side effects that could occur if using miconazole in this fashion:

-Peeling of the skin
-Not feeling “right”

Although there are many side effects, many women have claimed to have their hair growth increase inches a month! I plan on picking up this method again soon and I will be sharing before and after pictures of my experience. If you plan on using this method, be careful and be watchful of any side effects!

Happy Hair Days! 🙂

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