Healthy Hair Habits: Scalp Disaster!

I wanted to share an experience I had with bleaching my hair!

So before I decided to be nicer to my hair, I was quite obsessed with
dying it. I got bored with it very quickly and colored my hair every few
months. Last summer I decided to try blonde. I had to use bleach,
though, since my hair is naturally a medium brown color. The first time I
bleached my hair I used a lightening kit called Born Blonde Maxi by
Clairol. I used it and my scalp was very itchy and dry as expected but
nothing too major. Of course, my hair was very dry and not happy. I
wanted to go back to my natural color and did so a few months later,
but being I get bored with my hair so easily, I decided to go blonde
again. This time, though, I decided to buy a tub of bleach and some
peroxide to mix myself.

 On the tub it said “for off the scalp
application”. Not being a professional hairdresser at the time (I am now!) and also not using my common
sense of what “off the scalp” meant, I used it all over and put it
directly to my scalp to make sure I didn’t miss any roots. (off the
scalp I later learned is reserved for highlights). Oh my lanta,
did it burn! I ended up using this a second time that same weekend since
I had brown dye on my hair to begin with. I actually ended up getting
chemical burns on my scalp! They weren’t too bad and they weren’t
noticeable but still I could feel them. So if you’re thinking about
bleaching your hair, be very careful and don’t use anything that says
“off the scalp”!

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