Healthy Hair Habits: Castor Oil

The first oil that I started using on my scalp and in my hair was castor
oil! Castor oil comes from castor beans and it is a very thick oil and
smells a bit like an auto-body shop. What made me want
to start using the oil was that I heard that it can help grow hair
faster if applied to the scalp. So here are some benefits to using
castor oil in your hair!
 Castor oil is a humectant which means it draws
moisture into the hair, making it shiny and soft. It also acts as
an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal since castor oil has Ricinoleic Acid
in it. This will help protect the scalp from infections which might
hinder hair growth and cause hair loss. I notice my hair is definitely
much more shiny and very soft after using castor oil, although I didn’t
noticed any significant hair growth.
One more thing I’d like to add: It is VERY difficult to get castor oil
out of your hair if used alone. I personally mix my castor oil with
various oils now, but when I used it alone I had some trouble. I found
an easy solution, which is I first apply my conditioner (co-wash) before
I shampoo. I’m not sure why but after I rinse out my condtioner the
castor oil is rinsed along with it. Then I simply shampoo and use some
more conditioner.
I hope you found my post about castor oil helpful and give it a try! 🙂
(by the way, I always leave any oil I use in my hair overnight and then
wash it out the next morning!)

 The link below is the one I use. Some people say
that raw Jamaican black castor oil gives the best results but it
is rather pricey. I find the refined castor oil works just as good!


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