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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hair Oil Recipe!

Hey everybody! I am finally sharing the recipe of my personal hair growth treatment! For my treatment I mix:

-Table spoon of coconut oil
-Table spoon of camellia oil
-Table spoon of castor oil
-Teaspoon of jojoba oil
-Teaspoon of rosemary oil
-Teaspoon of red pimento oil

After mixing these up I rub the treatment into my scalp and run the rest through my hair! I usually do my treatment before I go to bed to really reap all the benefits! To remove all the oil in the morning I first use conditioner and then I shampoo. I then condition a second time. Conditioner helps break up the oils so it is easier to wash out. This is only one of my recipes, I will share more in the future! I hope some of you find this helpful! Happy hair days!

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