Wen Hair Products – The Truth Behind The Hoopla

Wen Hair Products

Ok, so are Wen hair care products the coolest things to hit the hair care market since Paul Mitchell? Or are they the worst scam to be marketed since Enron? How about a balanced review?

Quick facts: Wen hair is sold as being the personal product of one “celebrity” Chaz Dean. I’m going to take a small issue with the word “celebrity” that wen hair care likes to tout. Based on Chaz Dean’s personal biography it would appear that Chaz obtains as much celebrity status from appearing on the Home Shopping Network to sell his product as the product derives from him.

Basically, Wen Hair Care made him a celebrity.

So, celebrity status aside, is this shampoo just as rocking as they market it to be? I’m picky about my hair and what goes into it.

The basic premise behind this shampoo is that it is has less harmful chemicals than your normal shampoo.

I could believe that. Normal shampoos have so many harmful sulfate detergents in them that it is not recommended to wash your hair more than once or twice a week.

Wen Hair Care System From Amazon

Wen product is marketing as having the “perfect blend” of herbs and natural ingredients that remove the dirt from your hair without removing the natural oils, or damaging your hair (Which might mean fewer Olive Oil Hair Treatments, right?)

The only “harmful” chemical in the product is “Butylene Glycol”. Compared to the other hair shampoo and conditioner products on the market, Butylene Glycol is pretty safe – even ingestible. (Nowhere does Wen encourage you to eat their product)

Wen Cleansing Conditioner

An all-in-one product. The idea is that the Wen hair treatment does it all. You no longer will need to go through the morning “shampoo bottle dance” of shampoo-conditioner-deep conditioner-detangler. Their one product is going to do it all. (And plenty of customers including Amazon and Youtube online reviewers will back up that claim)

Oh, and their website points out that Wen will feel different when you use it. It doesn’t lather, but instead creates a “smooth foam”. Something to keep in mind when you are trying to get it to create a lather.

Wen Hair Reviews

Ok, so I haven’t had a chance to personally try this product, but I will say that I have used similar (knock off) products before.

Hopefully, soon I will get my hands on a sample, but for now let me get you what some of the Amazon.com customers are sharing:

Overall, the Wen products get about a 3.5 star review. The biggest complaints seems to be that when used in the amounts recommended by Wen, the product is used up too fast, and it is hard to rinse it out of the hair, leaving it feeling oily and heavy.

However, people that use it regularly in smaller than recommended amounts (fewer pumps of the bottle) seem to really enjoy it and notice that their hair is silkier and easier to manage.

It does seem that it takes a few month or more of regular use before the hair adjusts to the fewer chemicals and begins to look its very best.

The mint is very minty and tingly. If you don’t like the tingle, try one of their other varieties, such as aloe or lavendar.

12 oz of Cleanser should last about 2 weeks.

Wen Hair Care Complaints

Major complaints with their billing practices. (The product is agreed to be pretty awesome). A quick search of the Internet will reveal that that Wen Hair Care has one goal in mind: your money.

Their main website sells the product for a starting charge of $29.95 (30-day Supply). They then lock you into a reoccurring charge of $97.84 every 90 days. (Of course they don’t tell you that. They say it will be $29.95 per month, shipped every 90 days with a $7.99 S/h fee)

Now they say that they will cancel the shipments if you change your mind. Plus it is a money-back guarantee if cancelled within 60 days.

Two Important Tips To Keep In Mind:
To get that money-back guarantee you MUST ship the product back (at your cost). You also MUST hang onto your postal receipt. Otherwise the product “gets lost” and you never get your refund.

Secondly, a lot of people find that they only use the cleansing conditioner and not the other products included in the starter kit. (Duh, the cleansing conditioner is supposed to be all-in-one!)

Ordering just the conditioner from the company is purportedly rather hard to do.

The nice thing about Wen is that their product is very easy to get from online retailers such as Amazon. Order what you need, without having to worry about reoccurring charges on your card.

True, there is no “free shipping” or “money-back guarantees” — but there is also likely to be less headaches dealing with a reputable online store you already know.

As with any hair product, the power is in the conditioner, and Wen’s leaves the hair silky, shiny and soft. There’s very few who would disagree with that.

Plus, places like Amazon have a much wider selection of wen hair care products.

Check out Amazon’s prices on Wen Hair Products:

Wen vs Hair One

Hair One Conditioner Cleanser From Amazon. Click Here For More Info.

A lot of people want to know about the less expensive product out there that could provide the same results with a much lesser blow to the wallet.

Hair One has entered the market by way of Sally’s Beauty Supply and aims directly at saving your pocketbook – while still protecting your hair.

Bottom line? 1 is a lot cheaper than $30.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfates are bad for your hair – both Wen and Hair One let you avoid these chemicals.

People with fine hair really find no difference between the products, while people with thicker hair typically prefer the Wen product.

But at a third of the price, pretty much everyone is willing to stick with the Hair One product. Ingredient-wise, it is pretty much the same thing. The results are pretty much the same. It just saves you plenty of money.

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