Scene Hair Extensions

My younger sister and her friends love their scene hair.

In some ways she is an under-the-radar scene girl. She has the haircut, but stays away from the crazy colors to keep from freaking her mom out.

That said, her scene look is always ready at a moment’s notice.

Needless to say, she’s a fan of her scene hair extensions. There are so many awesome varieties, and its the perfect way for her to go from being “well-behaved” to “wicked” at a whenever the occasion arises.

In scene hair extensions you have every possible combination. You have coontails, solids, brights (ok, downright neon)…. I mean we are talking about pink and violet scene extensions – brave colors to match the brave souls who wear them.

(Maybe even a few, brightly colored feather hair extensions? Check out our article on feather hair extensions for more ideas!)

Here are some pictures to give you some distinctive scene ideas to work off of. Just remember – scene hair is about rocking your look. So give yourself the freedom to create the unique scene style that reflects your personality.

Here are some great Scene Hair Extension Styles from around the web!

Courtesy of scene_queenz on flickr

Courtesy Izzy Chinchille Monster on flickr

courtesy of Izzy Chinchille Monster on Flickr

courtesy of veesees on flickr

Tips For Your Best Look

When using hair extensions with your scene hair, you want to focus on a few key things. The best place to install your extensions is going to be right behind the ear so that they hang down and frame your shoulders nicely.

Also for some added “pop” try inserting a small amount of your brightest color right next to your bangs where the hair is longest.

And, finally, adding hair extensions to the back of your hair will also further enhance the colors and depth in your look.

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