The 3 Best Revlon Hair Straighteners

Revlon has been helping people to look prettier since 1932. They have a solid reputation, and they’ve kept pace with the times.

The Revlon hair straightener focuses on providing a low-cost hair straightener that performs well. Plus they offer a wide array of models, all at great low prices

A lot of the lower-leveled Revlon Hair Straighteners such as the Revlon RV062 or the RVST2011C Perfect Heat Professional Straightener models have some pretty awful reviews with reports of them pulling on your hair and giving out after just a few uses.

The Top Three Revlon Perfect Heat Ceramic Straighteners

I’ll be honest, going through the reviews on most of the Revlon hair straighteners was, well, discouraging. There were a lot of bad reviews.

In fact, It was difficult finding enough good reviews to make this a “top 3” article. (We almost made this a “top 3” article instead).

The good thing is, these 3 straighteners do have great reviews, and seem to be great economy models.

#3 Revlon Amber Waves RV062 Perfect Heat Professional Straightener:

  • 1″ plates – Great for short hair and bangs, as well as touching up longer hair
  • Ceramic Heat – Even heat, for better results without damaging your hair *
  • 60 seconds to hot – Especially when you need it most.
  • 25 heat settings – For all of the hair treatments you may do.
  • Swivel Cord – No more choking yourself on your straightener cord!

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All right, so the plates are not real ceramic, but some sort of ceramic coating. Which means they will peel after enough use. This straightener should work all right for wavy hair, but not for curly or super thick hair.

Bottom line? If you are either going to buy a Wal-mart cheapo or this one, buy this one. But if you will be needing to use the “high-heat” setting a lot, or have thick, crinkled hair, this is one to skip.

#2 Revlon RVST2001C Perfect Heat Ceramic Super Slim Straightener:

Flattening Irons)

  • Received the 2009 “Best Value” award by Consumer Reports
  • Has an auto-off feature – No Accidentally burning down the bathroom
  • Reaches 400 degrees F
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • “Multiple” heat settings – No one seems to know exactly how many that is, but probably more than enough. It is dial adjusted for smooth control.
  • Swivel Cord – Don’t choke on your straightener!

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This is pretty much a straight-across 4-star straightener. It heats up well and evenly. People seem to feel that it works really well even for thick hair. However, when treating long hair, the handle seems to get overly hot due to the length of time the straightener is on.

Bottom Line? For the $20 range, this is probably one of the best value straighteners you can get.

#1 Revlon 1” High Heat Professional Tourmaline Straightener:

  • Ceramic Heat – High, even heat. Good results without damage!
  • Swivel cord – An Absolute “must”.
  • 30 seconds to full heat – especially when you are in a hurry.
  • 30 Heat settings – Controls on a dial
  • Auto-Shut off – Indicator lights tell your when its hot.

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This one is a little pricier than the other models. But its going to pretty much be the Best hair straightener that Revlon can offer. It can handle pretty much any type of hair and handles much more like a professional-level hair straightener.

Now, this is no “CHI” brand, so if you have the money to go for a top-of-the-line, then keep shopping. But for someone looking to buy more than an economy model – and have a hair straightener that handles well, this would be a good one to go with.

Bottom line? If you have the money, splurge and get this one. You’ll enjoy it. Otherwise, option #2 should get the job done.

Tips for using your hair straightener.

  • Be careful about trying to straighten treated hair. The combination of chemicals and heat can severely damage hair.
  • Don’t over-use your straightening iron. Use sparingly and with plenty of heat protection applied to your hair.
  • Try twisting the straightener slightly as you work to create nice, wavy hair.

You also might consider using some Revlon Hair Relaxer along with your hair straightener. It is actually a professional product designed for licensed cosmetologists, but for the confident “home beautician” it is an extremely effective relaxer than is mild on the skin (not inclined to burn).

If you do decide use a relaxer, you might also consider giving your hair a protein treatment several days prior to make sure it is sufficiently strengthened.

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