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Ombre hair coloring may be last summer’s trend, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of style! In 2011 this gorgeous technique allows your hair to either look naturally sunbleached or dramatically customized and can be accomplished with home dye kits if done with great care, making it an idea that will be a classic, rather than an in-and-out fashion statement.


“Ombre” literally means “graduated” or “shaded,” and when this hair color trend hit America it hit with serious pizazz. Color choices were extreme, graduating was intense, and the style took off. Movie characters, musicians, celebrities and the girl next door all had a graduated hair color ranging in shades from black to white, pink to purple, red to blond, mahogany to honey-brown. The trend for ombre hair was led by such womenas Jessica Biel, Julia Roberts, Rachel Bilson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore and bled into the fall seasons with absolute ease.

Why Ombre Hair Color?

It’s the perfect hair color trend. The more your color grows out, the better it looks! You don’t have to touch it up every 4 weeks because your natural root color will add to the drama and you don’t have to worry about it fading because fading will simply make it better. So for this summer, why not try a moderate ombre style? One trip to the stylist and your hair color will be set until fall. No touch ups, no extra expenses, it will look beautiful until you’re ready to start with a brand new color. You could also try mixing it up by going with this summer’s red hair trend and graduate it into soft, strawberry blond tips! It’s a beautiful and hassel free style that you will be sure to enjoy.

Watch Ombre Hair Color Being Done By A Top Stylist

Ombre Hair Color DIY?

It takes some patience and courage, but it is possible to do ombre coloring yourself. There are a lot of videos on YouTube with do it yourself tutorials, but this one is our personal favorite. It’s short and sweet and while the method she used is a little complex, it makes it all sound so easy that we all feel confident in our ability to make this happen!

There are also lots of great blog posts of people’s experiences and how they accomplished the look. Here is a post by a young lady that used a much simpler technique, and that has some great pictures!

Ombre Short Hair Styles?


While we understand that the trend was set by women sporting miles of voluminous locks, that does not prohibit those of us with shorter from enjoying the ease of this style as well! In fact, the shorter your hair is, the easier this look is to accomplish! Simply dipping your tips in a light dye that is in the same color family as your roots will give you a beautiful and dramatic ombre look.

Ombre Hair for Girls?

Last year the trend for ombre hair color was led and dominated by not-so-young women, and I believe it missed a great opportunity there that should be taken advantage of this summer. While Seventeen magazine did do a piece on Rachel Bilson’s hair style, the idea wasn’t that big with the tweeners. That said, every summer Parents end up spending a great deal of money on their teen/tweenage girls’ hair color throughout the summer. Pools and sunlight bleach out dyes, requiring more maintenance and more money, but an ombre hair dye for your 14 year old will prevent that issue and give your girls a lovely, stylish look that they can be proud to sport.  Combine that with a few feather hair extensions and they’ll be the belle of every ball they attend- be it poolside or prom night.

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