Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham.  Let’s just say it, for being a mom of 3 who is just 3 years shy of 40 (born in 1974) – she really has her look together.  (And who wouldn’t want to land a superstar soccer player for a husband?)

Image Courtesy of jingdianmeinv1

Beckham’s photo’s are always great.  She’s been modelling and performing for years, and she always knows how to present her best style.  For people of similar face shapes and body types, she’s a perfect model to copy.

For those looking for longer cuts, earlier photos of Mrs Beckham shows us how to do that.  Notices how she emphasizes the layering. The hair cut emphasizes her round forehead and uses soft curls to help soften her chin.

Victoria Beckham’s hairstyles used to be longer,  before switching to her classic, bob look. Her bob cut has become a classic thanks to all of the depth that goes into its design.

Image Courtesy of jingdianmeinv1

Notice how the locks are designed to accent the face.  They are layered and longer on one side to allow for an easy part and create a very appealing, spur of the moment look.  The longest part of her bangs curves down to her chin, helping to frame her face and feature it properly.

We may not be supermodels, but thankfully, there’s no crime in copying a great look!

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