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Short Wedding Hairstyle Suggestions

Traditionally, the wedding day has always been about long, romantic locks. However, short hairstyles have become incredibly popular and classy and more brides are considering wearing a short hair style for their big day.

First of all, when choosing a short hairstyle for your wedding day, make sure to choose a look that you will be proud of.

Also, if you currently have short hair, but would prefer to have a longer look, you may wish to consider human hair extensions which look completely natural and can be an easy adjustment to give you the look you want.

Short Wedding Hairstyle Updos

Updos are a perfect way to take a short hairstyle and add a bit of formality to it. Messy buns and french braids are a great way to pull your hair up behind the tiara and add a classic look to your style.

Using rollers can add some natural looking curls to the look, and the whole wispy effect will create a romantic look even without the length of other wedding hairstyles

You can also focus on the texture. Use some texturing spray into your mostly dried hair at the roots and use a blow dryer to set it.

Also, for a very classic look, try pulling your hair into small sections and looping it through tiny hair bands to create the illusion of a curly updo. By combing the front section of your hair into side bangs and putting the back section up with this method you can create a very traditional style that will stay secure for the duration of your day.

Short Wedding Hairstyle with Flowers

Forget the veil, you are going to rock your own wedding style!

Whether you choose to wear flowers as part of your veil and tiara, or as a stand-alone headpiece, wedding flowers are an excellent way to add some pizzaz to your look, and even to help better match your bridesmaids.

Hair flowers come in a variety of shapes and colors from traditional white to larger Hawaiian-themed orchids. These flowers pin easily and are a great addition for that final touch to your hairstyle!

Short Wedding Hairstyle Veil

image Courtesy of Lauren Nelson

A veil is not only a symbolic part of a wedding, but is a very beautiful accessory that most women only have one opportunity to wear in their entire lives. There are so many types of veils in vogue that it can be very difficult to choose one that matches your personality. When planning your hairstyle make sure that it will work with your veil!

Some veils are attached to headbands that will work with your hair whether it is worn down or pulled straight back. Some veils are very heavy and need to be anchored with clips and pins. This can be very hard to accomplish with short hair, so try your veil on and make sure you can create a style that will keep it attached to your head before you purchase it.

A common type of veil to see this year is a small, delicate style called a birdcage veil. It’s a very vintage look, but only requires a small clip to keep it in place so it can be ideal for very short hair. Birdcage veils also often come beautifully accessorized with flowers, feathers or jewels which allows them to have a very dramatic look in spite on being so very small and delicate.

This can be very helpful for someone who has short hair that cannot be put into an updo, but still wants a very dressy look with a lot of pizazz.

Tip: To secure a heavy veil with your short hair, make sure that you get a very fine tooth metal comb that will not slide. Keep trying combs until you find one that holds in place, then ask your bridal shop to replace the comb that came with your veil with the one that you know will work.

Short Wedding Hairstyle Tiara

image Courtesy of mtungate

With or without a veil, a tiara is a somewhat traditional wedding accessory, but can mean a lot more than tradition if you are struggling with finding a formal enough hairstyle for your short hair. With a bit of teasing, some good highlights and a touch of curl or styling gel you can take your favorite casual look and translate it into a breathtaking, princess-like style simply by topping it off with an ornate tiara.

Even the shortest of pixie cuts can become feminine and royal when paired with the right tiara. You do, however, need to make sure that you find a tiara that will stay secure with your short hair- without the volume to hold it in place it may take a little work to find a comb that will keep your tiara from sliding off of your head every time you move quickly.

Short Wedding Hairstyle Black Women

For short, coarse hair it may seem difficult to come up with a formal style. Don’t despair! There are some very simple, yet extremely elegant, looks available for you.

One easy way to have a finished updo look is to loosely wrap your hair into coils and pin them against your head. This gives a softened, romantic look to your hair without requiring much work or special treatments.

If your hair is blown out or eased you can simply curl the ends under and brush them out with a round brush for a look that includes flipped out ends. This is an adorable, simple look that is easily formalized with a few jeweled clips or a tiarra.

For a less-formal wedding you might try another easy, natural look and go with a typical, springy afro, but to add an ornate headband near your hairline to create a beautiful updo appearance. Remember though that your wedding is about you being you; find a style that matches who you are every day so that you feel comfortable with your look instead of being stressed and worried about your hairstyle on your special day!

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