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Instructions on How to Wrap Hair With String

Aka “Pinch Braiding” or “Hippy Braiding”

Thread wrapped hair, is an especially fun hairstyle that is typically done at slumber parties, or at a local carnival or town fair along with face painting.

Wrapping Hair With String Is a Great Look

From a lot of of the guides on the internet, hair wrapping may look hard. It actually is quite easy to do, and can even be taught to young girls. Plus it does not require much in the way of equipment in order to accomplish.

Hair wraps are also easy to maintain, they can be washed and worn to bed.

Hair Wrap With String Instructions

1. You want to use embroidery thread or embroidery floss for wrapping your hair. Choose 2 to 4 different colors out the string. traditionally, bright colors are most often used. It’s a great, fun way to express your favorite color, without carefully worrying about style. After all, wrapping her with string is supposed to be about creating a fun look

2. Take the strand of hair that you are going to string wrap, and braid it very tightly. It should be a very small strand of hair that you plate (braid) this way. Most people suggest taking a strand of hair that framed her face, for the most noticeable effect. Secure at the end with a small piece of elastic.

3. Now, form the foundation knot. Take at least two strands of your embroidery floss and make at least three times as long as the hair you just braided. Holding the different strings together in a bundle, Tie a regular overhand knot at the base of the braid, as close to the scalp as is comfortable.

4. Now you begin wrapping the hair! Using one of the strings, begin wrapping it around and around the hair and the other strings. Wrap the string closely to itself to create a uniform look. Every so often, you can switch off between the colors to create a multi-colored look throughout.

5. Finish your string wrap with a bead. Most people add a small bead – or even a bell – to finish the look.

In fact, you may decide that you wish to add beads throughout the hair wrap. Just choose beads that have a hole large enough to thread your hair through. Use the length of string to thread the bead and pull the whole length of hair through it.

You may wish to add little knots every now and then as you wrap to keep it from unraveling. As you wrap the floss around the hair, simply slip it through the loop it naturally forms to create a small slip-knot.

Here is a Helpful Video on How to Wrap Hair Using String

This video was created by someone else, so their list of steps may not match mine perfectly.

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