Purple Hair Extensions Are Fun!

I’m not one to typically try bright colors. But I think they can be a lot of fun. Most people add hair extensions to try to enhance their beauty or to come up with new styles that their hair is not currently long enough or full enough to try.

Purple hair extensions are an entirely different thing. I mean, who would even want to try purple hair extensions?

Well, as it turns out, if you are interested in purple hair extensions, you are not alone: many people are looking to add a spice of color and purple is a great color to do it with. Plus, it easier to remove them when you are done with the color and try a different color than it is to have to re-dye your hair.

Style Tips For Purple Feather Hair Extensions:

  1. A lot of people just add one or two purple feather hair extensions — typically just in front of the ear — as a way to create a little spice of color. For a fun look that still has a hint of the traditional about it, this is a great idea to try.
  2. The scene hair trend lends itself to about any color or style that you might want to try. And if you use scene hair extensions instead of dyeing your hair, you can easily remove them to be able to create a more professional look at a moment’s notice.
  3. Combine purple with other colors! I mean, as long as you are going to bring some bright colors into your life, why be timid? Try purple as an accent color on one side, and red on the other. Or perhaps some other color combination such as yellow and purple will catch your eye. You may even want to add them to the back of your hair to allow a continuous activity of color.

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