All About Permanent Hair Extensions

So, you are interested in permanent hair extensions!

The benefits are numerous. Not only can they add more length and fullness to any hairstyle, permanent hair extensions take the hassle out of beautification, leaving the person with a longer-lasting look.

However, there are some risks and costs with permanent hair extensions.

Hair loss

One of the biggest concerns with hair extensions of anytime is that the constant pulling of the extension on your hair will lead to hair loss from something called “traction alopecia”.

Basically, the extra weight of the hair extension can pull your hair right out of your head. And, sometimes it doesn’t grow back like it should.

Bottom line is, hair extensions will damage your hair to some extent. Respect them.

Permanent Extensions Let You Dramatically Change Your Look – Image Courtesy of Boogiemama

Practice with Clip-in Extensions
So, before you decide to get permanent extensions, be sure to spend some time practicing with clip in extensions. This can help you gauge how well your hair might handle the stress of having hair extensions, as well as help you determine what look you are trying to create and if it is a look that you will want to live with for awhile.

Use an Experienced Stylist
I know, I know. There are a ton of websites and youtube videos showing you how to add permanent hair extensions by yourself. You are simply asking for trouble by going this route.

Make sure that not only is the stylist experienced and well-referred, but that they also have experience working with your hair type. Someone who has fine, straight hair might find that a salon that does primarily African-American extensions will be more harsh on their hair, then a shop that primarily deals with fine hair types.

You not only want it to be attractive, but you also do not want it to damage your hair.


Permanent hair extensions are pricey. Once you count the time for an install you can expect to pay anywhere from 00 ( a few extensions) to 000. (normally $400 – 000) After being installed, permanent extensions should last around 3-4 months, meaning it can be overly expensive to try to repeat the procedure frequently.

Glue in vs. Sew in

Glue in hair extensions are probably the most well-known type of extension. However, they do need to be coddled a little bit and typically need special shampoos to make sure that the bonds are not broken too prematurely. When cared for properly, glued-in extensions can last almost as long as sewn-in extensions.

Sew in hair extensions are where the natural hair is braided to form a base and then the extensions are sewn into them. Care must be used because if the base is braided too tightly, hair loss can result. Sewn in hair extensions are typically considered a little more permanent, but work best with ethnic hair .

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