Reese Witherspoon’s 2012 Hairstyles

Since we saw here at the Water For Elephants premiers a year ago, Reese has really been letting her hair grow. Either that or she’s been playing with extensions.  At the New York City Water For Elephants premier, Reese Witherspoon was wearing her hair in a loose updo that concealed its length, but at the French premier she had it straightened with side swept bangs. This style revealed that she was wearing it just below her shoulders in length, with some layering, but not much.

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At the  Sydney Premier for Water For Elephants we saw her sport yet another style with her shoulder length curls and her bangs clipped back into a modified pompadour. This adorable look was a slight change from her typical straight locks, but adorable accented her eyes.

During 2012 we’ve been watching her hair grow out at the same time as watching her baby bump appear.  At the January 2012 Golden Globe awards Reese’s hair was  worn loose and lovely in beachy waves and light highlights with no bangs. I was a little surprised to see that, since Reese Witherspoon has obviously loved her bangs over the years.

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Reese  is due sometime this summer, which means that she was likely a couple months pregnant in this Golden Globes photo!

As the summer has gone by she has cut her bangs again and in most articles that you will find about her beautiful baby bump you will see her wearing her bangs again, but she has continued to favor the waves, making me wonder if she got a loose perm sometime earlier in the year.

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