Hair Trend Setter of the decade: Jennifer Aniston

In 1990 a 23 year old blue-eyed Broadway actress found herself in the middle of a cast for her first television show.  Born in California, raised in New York, she had traveled a long way in her short life and was looking to become something great. The Fox Studio show, Molloy, was shortlived, only lasting 7 episodes, but was an invaluable  starting point for someone who would quickly become one of America’s favorite sweethearts. 3 more failed shows and a lousy movie later she was ready to quit, but in the spring of 1993 she auditioned for the show that would change not only hers, but the lives of many people.

“Friends” first aired in the fall of 1994. It was an instant success, and over the next 10 years Jennifer Aniston received 5 Emmy awards and world-wide recognition for her part thereon. Her massive tv success led to massive movie success, and as a well-known celebrity her hair and fashion tastes have had constant (positive) influence on current trends.  Her movie parts have consistently been classy, beautiful characters and her hair and outfits seem to always reflect beauty and femininity. These parts, as well as her unending victories over the red carpet competition, have made her one of the leading trend-setters in the hair industry. Her photos are searched and perused day after day as women try to choose an Aniston look that would work for them.

As far as Jennifer Aniston’s hair cut choices go,  they’ve seemed to also stay somewhat conservative through the years- proving that classic never goes out of style. With her moderate color choices and classical cuts it’s almost impossible to find a photo of her that isn’t incredibly flattering. Her first great look was her tamed down shag in the first season of “Friends,” and in 1995 “The Rachel” was born. Her stylist claims he simply “chopped off” her natural waves, but the shoulder length, full bodied layers that came as a result overturned 90’s hair styles and created a massive trend to be likened to the Dorthy Hamill wedge cut of the early 70’s, or the Farrah Fawcett a few years later.  Since that haircut she’s set trends with every red carpet appearance, every award ceremony, every movie premier.
If “The Rachel” was her best look then,I have to contrast it with what was, in my opinion, her worst look. The pop-princess flat ironed center part that she tried to pull off directly after her split with Brad Pitt. It made the socially difficult time of being constantly compared to Angelina Jolie even more difficult, as opposed to her  more comfortable, effortless waves. I have very vivid memories of a tv interview where a reporter was hounding her about her personal feelings at an award ceremony and all of her responses were punctuated by her trying to keep her straightened locks out of her eyes. But even then she was beautiful, classy and inspiring…just not her best.

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Over the past 16 years in the spotlight she’s tried nearly everything- from thick front fringes to sideswept bangs; short and straight, long and curled, bobbed, layered and blunt, she’s worn every style of medium to long haircut with grace and beauty. The only thing she hasn’t gone for so far is the pixie, and I’m eagerly awaiting the day that she chops it all off for the first time and proves that it too can be a classic look.

As well as her hair cut styles, Jennifer Aniston’s hair color choices have always been somewhat conservative. The natural brunette look that you find in her childhood and high school photos is one that she saves for somewhat rare occasions, most commonly going with either all-out blond or lighter brown with blond highlights. Her natural color resurfaced in 2004 and was very widely loved, but disappeared again very quickly. It’s almost difficult to imagine her with dark brown locks after her many years as a bombshell blond.  While she often leans towards the darker hues, she definitely favors her blond look.

So we’ll wait for her next style change, knowing that whatever she does is what business women and school girls alike will be begging for at the stylists the day she appears in public. In the meantime we’ll highlight our natural waves and refresh our layers while we try to figure out just how to have hair like Jennifer Aniston and hope that someone says “you remind me of that girl off of Friends…”

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